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Okada sweets - Singapore & Japan

Okada Sweets is a Specialist Japanese Confectionery Company with bases in Singapore and Kumamoto – Japan
Our products : Special Blend Coffee, Confectionery and Pastry ingredients.

                            Our Mission : To bring Nice and Safe quality products at affordable prices to all

Our Products and Services :


Our business activities

We support your creation of your original products :

1) Pastry & Confectionery

2) Ice Candy

3) Coffee

4) Recipe Support

5) Ingredient Supplies

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Call : +65 6844 7162

Email : oks@okadasweets.com


Sweet Potato


Sweet potato products’ supplies and customization


Ice Candy

Wide range of delicious natural flavours.

Bring joy to your parties and events


Coffee beans, drinks.jelly…


Cakes, puddings, cookies…

Moma Water

  Soft,Pure and    Safe Water