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Okada Sweets, headed by Okada Yoshiko, the 3rd generation owner of  Okada Coffee Japan, with more than 70 years of experience Coffee & Pastry.
We would like to bring the

Our business are : 

   1) Coffee products :

       - We roast excellent green beans in our own distinctive ways to provide high quality coffee, which have been loved by our customers for many years.

   2) Beverage Ingredients :

       - Supply of Pre-Mixed Beverage and Baking Ingredients

   3) Pastry Products :

       - Puddings, Warabi Mochi, Cookies etc

- Customization of pastry products

   4) Retail & Cafe

   5) Business support for Japan market - We help companies to sell their products into Japan , by providing business support in areas like Importation, marketing and business matching and mission.


Nestled in the quaint neighbourhood of Joo Chiat is Okada Coffee & Sweets, a spin-off from Okada Coffee, a famous cafe in Kumamoto Japan with over 60 years of history. Enjoy many original homemade food, drinks and desserts here. For savoury items, we are known for our curry and donburi dishes. To end on a sweet note, do try our Okada Puddings and fluffy Okada Pillow Cakes. For drinks, do try our original Okada Blend Coffee and other specialty coffees such as our homemade vinegar drinks, maccha latte etc.

Location: 153, Joo Chiat Road, Singapore 427431

Okada Coffee have won champion for whole Japan Hand Drip championship competition in 2017.

Our Cafe activities :

   1) Retail space - Provide space for Retail sales.

   2) Cafe - meetings & relaxation

   3) Events Venue - Product demonstration, seminar, Exhibitions etc. - Please contact us to discuss your needs.

   4) Supplies & Catering services.

153 Joo Chiat Road Singapore 427431          Tel: 6443 1948 / 68447162

Operation Hours:

Tuesday - Thursday & Sunday 9.00am - 8.00pm    Friday & Sat 9.00am - 9.00pm

 Close on Monday

Main Course



Side Dish